Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Sciences

Faculty of Sciences and Engineering SciencesOur Faculty of Sciences and Engineering Sciences in Vannes and Lorient welcomes around 3000 students each year, 500 of whom study online or in alternate or coop mode.

We have 223 teacher- researchers and 250 guest speakers who offer a wide range of courses at the Bachelors, Masters or PhD levels in Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Materials, Biotechnologies, Data management, Statistics, Design engineering, and Cybersecurity for Embedded systems.

Our Undergraduate and Postgraduates Degrees

Bachelors: We offer 18 Bachelors in Earth and Life Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Teaching


Vocational Bachelors: We offer 6 vocational Bachelors in Chemical and Biological Analysis, Cosmetics and Health Product Development, Eco-Construction and Eco-Materials, Nautical and Recreational Boating trades.


Masters: We offer 26 Masters in Biotechnologies, Computer Sciences, Design Engineering, Complex Systems Engineering, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Earth and Life Sciences, Teaching and Training.
One of our Specialised Masters is in Cybersecurity of Embedded Systems for the Telecommunication and IOT industries.


Doctoral (PhD) programmes: more information here 

Distance education (online)

  • Ma in Applied Mathematics and Engineering
  • Ma in Chemical Ecology and Bioresources

What are our 5 key areas of strengths?

First, our proximity to the sea explains our renown expertise in coastal and maritime sciences and their application to many industrial domains.
Our second area of strength stems from the vitality of our research laboratories linked to our education offer.
Third, our very close collaborations with our local, regional, national and international companies and public institutions, results in our students enjoying one of the highest employment rates which places us in the top ten French universities for professional insertion (Source: French Higher Educational Department, Le Monde newspaper).
Fourth, our faculty trains student in classical full-time or part time mode, or through vocational education training (VET) for those who wish to undertake apprenticeships or study “in alternance” mode (one month at work and one month at university).
And finally, UBS caters for mature age students who wish to upskill or retrain. The faculty acknowledges Recognition of Prior Learning and Experience (in French “Valorisation des Acquis de l’Experience” (VAE).
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