Cyber and data intelligence

Cyber and data intelligence Digital transformation is defined as the process of integrating digital technologies across an organisation's entire ecosystem.

The aim of these technologies is to improve the general behaviour of a structure in order to boost growth and adaptability. The capacity of companies, councils and associations to accumulate, stock, interpret and safeguard data over time contributes to their capacity to innovate in order to adapt.
As such, artificial intelligence is deemed to be the set of technologies aimed at using computerised systems to carry out cognitive tasks traditionally done by humans. This technology, currently a core issue in the discussions on social transformation, is set to bring about changes in most professions and organisations.
This development will effectively mean that many tasks can be automated. The digitalisation of our societies has led to an explosion in ransomware cyber-attacks on our hospitals, social media and companies. Training and research programmes continue to build new defences as and when cybersecurity professionals detect new threats and pinpoint new ways of combating them.


Action 1 – Cybersecurity

Action 2 – Artificial Intelligence