Centers of excellence

Centres of excellence At the crossroads of education, research, innovation and corporate services, UBS (Université de Bretagne Sud) is recognised for its four centres of excellence: 'Sea & coast', 'Materials', 'Cyber Security' and 'Data sciences'.



'Sea & coast'

The maritime dimension is very present at the university, both in terms of teaching and research. This reflects important links with a geographical area both culturally and economically oriented towards the sea. Of the 14 UBS laboratories, almost two thirds are involved in maritime research. Among other things, UBS is the administrator of the Pôle Mer (Sea Cluster) and a member of the Marine Universities Network and the World Campus of Mer Bretagne Atlantique. Numerous international partnerships have also been established with marine universities pooling research and teaching in relation to the sea.



The centre of excellence for 'Materials' relies in particular on the 'ComposiTIC' technical platform, launched in 2012 and specialising in the implementation of innovative composites via the design of automated materials and processes in relation to robotic fibre placement technology. The economic environment is very favourable to this activity with the presence of companies such as Coriolis Composites in Lorient and Multiplast in Vannes, as well as the existence of Lorient Grand Large, which is responsible for the development of the Lorient offshore racing cluster. Several agreements have been signed between UBS and companies at the crossroads of composite materials and offshore racing. A territorial dynamic exists here in which the university participates.


'Cyber Security'

Université Bretagne Sud made the very early choice of positioning itself in this field by launching the first course in France in cyber defence for engineers in 2013. In our environment, the French government set up the Cluster of Excellence for Cyber Technology (PEC - Pôle d'Excellence Cyber) in Brittany with a national remit. UBS is a member of the PEC and several other institutions have followed the UBS lead, instituting a wide range of courses to fight against against the cyber threat. The stakes are high and, in the coming years, UBS will continue to develop its excellence and offering in cyber security, particularly in the field of continuing education, and will work with the various stakeholders to fight the threat of cyber attacks.
With this in mind, the University launched its 'Cybersecurity Centre' in late 2017.


'Data sciences'

Data sciences has been a boom field for many years. The development of computing, analytical tools and methods and storage capabilities, coupled with the search for better prediction of natural behaviours or phenomena, has created a demand for data analysis specialists.
UBS is very well placed on the teaching side with a technical degree in statistics and business intelligence (DUT STID), two professional undergraduate degree courses and a Masters in Data Science and Statistical Modelling. All these courses have excellent post-degree employment rates with high pay levels. Thanks to the University of South Brittany Foundation, three chairs have been created in the field of data analysis: 'ACT-TER Knowledge and Territorial Action', 'D-CC Decisional - Customer Knowledge' and 'GEOTERA' spatial analysis of geographical data.