Financing your studies

How to finance your studies while at UBS?

Before coming to UBS, it is advisable to establish a budget and have means to support yourself once in France.


Financial support can be provided by:

  • Personal means
  • A scholarship
  • A bank loan


To live decently students in France need between 600 and 700 euros per month. This amount covers accommodation, food, transport, health, communication technology etc. French consulates request a minimums income of 615 euros a month to grant a long stay-visa (or 6150 euros for 10 months).


Approximate expenses per month






Public Transport


Mobile phone plan


Other expenses (outings, clothes, culture, stationary, personal care)







Additional costs

Students should also consider that, when they arrive, they, like all tenants in France, may have to pay up-front rental deposits of up to two months, if they are seeking private accommodation.

In addition, apart from incoming Erasmus and exchange students, all students registered at UBS (including French nationals) have to pay a compulsory student contribution fee of 91 euros per academic year for student life.



Three types of scholarships exist for international students

1-    French government scholarships; these scholarships are granted by French cultural and cooperation posts in French embassies of the students home countries:

2-    Scholarships granted by student home countries to study overseas- contact your home country for detail

3-    International scholarships granted by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or international institutions.  Campus France and Campus Bourses provide information on scholarships for international students. 



Please note that scholarship procedures can take a lot of time and that application timelines are very strict!

UBS does not offer scholarships to international students.