Health and people with disabilities

Health and people with disabilitiesMedical consultation, Counselling, Social Support, Special Academic accommodations… The Student preventative Care, Health and Special Needs Office listens, advises, counsels, and guides students according to their respective needs.

Health and Counselling offices

Lorient Campus – Maryse Samedy - 02 97 87 45 99 - sante.handicap.lorient @ (sante.handicap.lorient @
Vannes Campus – Angélique Sariégo - 02 97 01 27 21 - (sante.handicap.vannes @

Medical visits

During your studies you must undertake at least one medical visit as part of the University preventative health and check-up campaign. You can also ask for an appointment with the University doctor:

  • To obtain a medical certificate for special academic accommodations (such as extra time for examinations or other arrangements in case of disabilities).
  • To obtain a fitness certificate allowing you to practice sports (high level competitions excluded) based on your answers to SUAPs questionnaire
  • To consult regarding prevention or health care (addictions, nutrition, sleep, smoking, sexuality, mental health issues, anxieties, depression, …)

You can book appointments online via the Entranet (ENT) except for academic examination arrangements. 

For special academic arrangements contact the secretariat:

Campus de Lorient - Docteur Musset ou Docteur Le Masson - 02 97 87 45 99 - sante.handicap.lorient @ (sante.handicap.lorient @

Campus de Vannes - Docteur Maurel-Hervé ou Docteur Le Masson - 02 97 01 27 21 - sante.handicap.vannes @ (sante.handicap.vannes @

Counselling with a psychologist

Experiencing a hard time, stressed, feeling down, experiencing personal or family issues linked to or separate to your studies ...You can always consult with a psychologist (via appointments only) for one-off or on-going psychological support.

The appointments are individual and confidential.

Campus de Lorient - Julie Bazire - 02 97 87 45 99 - sante.handicap.lorient @ (sante.handicap.lorient @

Campus de Vannes - Isabelle Le Hir-Le Bouquin - 02 97 01 27 21 - sante.handicap.vannes @ (sante.handicap.vannes @

Appointments with a student social welfare officer

The Student Social Welfare office welcomes and listens to students experiencing problems whatever the problem is, whether the problem is linked to family issues, financial or administrative. Welfare officers are bound by professional secrecy, and ensure a daily presence on both Vannes and Lorient campuses. Welfare officers provide students with advice and information regarding different forms of support and assistance.    They advise students seeking financial assistance, guidance or information. Officers, together with the students, strive to find the best solutions to the students’ personal, family or problems related to their studies.

The specific punctual or annual assistance (Aide Spécifique d'Allocation Ponctuelle (ASAP) enables certain students, after a meeting with a welfare officer, to benefit from a one off or annual financial aid. The University also has a special social emergency fund for students confronted to extreme financial difficulties.

In January 2020, The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation put in place a Hotline number 0 806 000 278, Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 pm. This hotline redirects you to directly your university Student Welfare Office. We therefore advise you to directly contact the university student social welfare officers at the following numbers:

Campus Lorient - Dominique Island et Morgane Le Vaillant - 02 97 87 45 99 - sante.handicap.lorient @ (sante.handicap.lorient @

Campus Vannes - Annaïg David et Morgane Le Vaillant - 02 97 01 27 21 - sante.handicap.vannes @ (sante.handicap.vannes @

Disabilities, health problems and Inclusion

Recurrent difficulties or limitations, whether physical sensorial or psychological can impede studying and life on Campus.

The Student Disability Support Office (in French Le Service d’Accompagnement des Étudiants en Situation de Handicap (SAESH) advise, evaluates and coordinates the studying and examination accommodations necessary to a successful academic year.  Success includes full inclusion and ability to partake and make the most of campus life. The disability support officer ensures:

  • Material support such as adapted office furniture, loan of computers, electronic parking tags, digital books…
  • Human support such as a personal note-taker, exam secretary, methodological support, sign language
  • Study arrangements for special needs: Timetable adjustments, waving of compulsory attendance, extra time to study curriculum, adapted learning and accessibility support (Sound or voice over, Braille tactile writing, Police size, Format)
  • Examination arrangements: Upon Doctor’s written advice, you can benefit from extra time during a test, or authorisation to go out during an exam …

Students enrolled at UBS

Formulate your request as early as possible before November 15th for the first semester and before March 1st for the 2nd Semester by making an appointment with:

 Lorient campus- Hélène Courtet - 02 97 87 45 99 - sante.handicap.lorient @ (sante.handicap.lorient @

Vannes campus - Fabien Coleu - 02 97 01 27 21 - sante.handicap.vannes @ (sante.handicap.vannes @ -

Future UBS students

Anticipate your venue at UBS and do not hesitate to contact us while still at high school we will let you know what procedures to undertake and we appraise your needs together.

Lorient  Campus - Hélène Courtet - 02 97 87 45 99 - sante.handicap.lorient @ (sante.handicap.lorient @

Vannes Campus - Fabien Coleu - 02 97 01 27 21 - sante.handicap.vannes @ (sante.handicap.vannes @


Download here the brochure on Study and Handicap support on Campus