Getting around Vannes, Lorient, Pontivy

Getting around Vannes, Lorient, Pontivy

In Vannes

Vannes has two campuses
The UBS Tohannic Campus (Blue Pin) is located in the South East of the town while the institute of Technology (Red pin) is in the South West of the town (see map below).
Click here to access the Tohannic Campus map (Fr)



Catching a bus
It takes 17 minutes to travel between the train SNCF station in Vannes and the Tohannic UBS campus by bus (Line 6a).
It takes 23 minutes from the train station in Vannes to the IUT rue Montaigne by bus.
It takes ten minutes between both the IUT and the Tohannic campuses with the buses running every twenty minutes.
Students can buy a monthly or annual public transport card with Kiceo. Student special fares are available here.


Vannes Bus network
A more comprehensive map of all the bus routes in Vannes is available here. You can also download the Kiceo App on your mobile phone.


Electrical bicycles

Vannes municipality also offers a network of electrical bicycles with docking stations at both campuses (Docking stations numbers 5 and 8 at the bottom of the Map below)


In Lorient

Lorient has a Campus in the west of the town of Lorient
It takes 18 minutes by bus between the railway station and UBS and buses run every 12 minutes (lines T1 and T3). The bus stops at Campus lettres, Bibliothèque universitaire or Campus Sciences. It takes approximately 30 minutes on foot.



Students can buy a monthly or annual public transport card with CTRL or go to their office in town at the bus exchange station: Gare d’Echanges, Cours de Chazelles, 56100 Lorient


In Pontivy

Pontivy is inland in the middle of Brittany at the cross roads of rivers and canals and at the heart of major rural food production and food processing industries.


It is an hour away from Vannes and Lorient by bus and two hours away from Rennes.
The UBS Institute of Technology in Pontivy is 4 km outside of Pontivy.
The Campus address is: 2 Allées des Pommiers, 56300 PONTIVY