Music, Arts and Conferences

Music, Arts and ConferencesAt UBS, students have access to a range of cultural, musical and artistic activities each semester. These activities are all free, can count towards your overall grades or be for your own benefit, but students must register each semester due to limited seats availability.

The range of activities each semester 

  • Radio broadcasting: Learning to carry out interviews and to prepare scientific broadcasts 
  • Audio visuals: Learning how to do journalistic video shoots and video editing techniques
  • Engraving
  • Photography
  • Etching
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Choir
  • Playing in a band

Cafés and Conferences

Strategic “cafés” are open to all student and staff and to the broader public these strategic cafes are held every month at lunch time to discuss defence and geo political aspects concerning France and Europe which help students and staff and the wider community understand the world around them and link it to current events.

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2020 themes included fire fighters and emerging new types of risks, counter terrorism, cyber defence, Europe industrial weapons manufacturing policy, North Korea, Iran, nuclear dissuasion, New Caledonia, Brexit, what do diplomats do? 



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