Student profiles

Student profilesCYBERUS will selectively recruit 32 students for our 2022 intake. We aim at a balance between students in the IoT Cybersecurity track and the Software Cybersecurity track and also between EU and non-EU students.

We have made inclusiveness a priority. Whatever your social background, your geographical origin, your religion and your gender, if you are keen to become a cybersecurity specialist in a top-notch cybersecurity master programme in expert universities, CYBERUS is just for YOU.
If you are an excellent student anywhere in the world, and if you want to study cybersecurity in challenging multicultural environments, CYBERUS is just for YOU.

If you are a female student and would like to study cybersecurity but still hesitate, DO apply. In case of equality with male applicants.

If you are afraid you cannot afford such a prestigious programme, we offer fee waivers and scholarships of €1,400/month to the best students. We also offer other support mechanisms. Do not let financial matters d your ambitions. DO apply.
If you suffer disabilities, do not let them hamper your talent. CYBERUS is also for YOU. If you are selected, mention you have special needs before arrival so that they can be taken care of. 


In conformity with the CYBERUS Equal Opportunities Policy, the selection process includes bonus points to decide between applicants of equal ranking based on equal opportunities, gender balance, disability and geographic representation.