Cybersecurity at UBS

Cybersecurity at UBSUBS is a renowned French actor in cybersecurity.

UBS is a renowned French actor in cybersecurity with about 350 students in 6 degrees and 2 diplomas, all of them vocational: Engineer’s degree in Cyberdefence, Engineer’s degree in Software Cybersecurity, Master in Cybersecurity of Embedded Systems, Bachelor in Cybersecurity and Cyberdefence, Bachelor in Secure Software Engineering, Master in Cyberdefence and Cybersecurity (double degree with USEK, Lebanon), Diploma in “Cyberdefence of SMEs”, and  Diploma in the “Prevention of human  digital vulnerabilities”.


It totals some 30 researchers, teachers (most of them former cybersecurity professionals), PhD students and postdocs at UBS working in state-of-the art facilities. Research is carried mostly out in 2 large CNRS-accredited labs in partnership with other universities: Lab-STICC and IRISA. Its main lines of cyber research are: Embedded systems and IoT (Internet of Things), Socio-technical systems of systems, Big data and intrusion detection in massive data flows, Cybersecurity law, and Social engineering.